After controversial blogger Robert Alai 'exposed' Garissa Township MP Aden Duale as the alleged owner of the chopper that airlifted the self-proclaimed prophet Owuor to Nairobi from Nakuru, more questions have emerged as to whether Duale is among the latter's 'secret' followers.

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While the 'prophet' reportedly told his followers that President Kenyatta had sent him the chopper, Alai was quick to distance the president from allegations only to feature Duale in the controversy.

"This chopper registration 5Y-HNB is owned by @HonAdenDuale. The chopper was hired by Owuor’s church (Kings Outreach). President @UKenyatta ’s name was being mentioned by conman Owuor to further brainwash his blind followers that Uhuru also worships him," Alai posted.

Even as this develops, the Garissa legislator is yet to confirm if he is actually the real owner of the chopper in focus.

If it's proven that Duale owns the chopper, why would he allow it to be used by the preacher?

Is he closet member of the church?

It is worth noting that Duale is publicly known to be a Muslim which explains why claims that he gave a Christian preacher a chopper is the subject of great controversy.

However, Statehouse has never confirmed as to whether Uhuru sent the chopper to pick Owuor as alleged.