A section of Malindi residents are now asking for an immediate by-election for them to get a deserving MP who they said will respect voters and spur development. 

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They accused current MP Aisha Jumwa of engaging in politics instead of concentrating on service delivery.

Led by Nickson Muramba, the residents said Jumwa was too busy campaigning for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 bid while disregarding her party manifesto. 

Muramba demanded swift action from the Orange Democratic Movement and challenged Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna to immediately make a decision of ejecting her from the party. 

“ODM is delaying us. We need them to throw her out so that we can teach her a lesson that she will never forget in her life,” he said. 

Muramba termed Jumwa's behaviour as disgusting adding that in Mijikenda culture, women are not allowed to showcase their waist prowess in public adding that her actions and statements had belittled residents. 

“People from other regions are asking us if our MP is really normal and they express their displeasure on how she can utter statements such us shaking hips right in front of children,” he said. 

He also warned Kilifi North MP Owen Baya and his Magarini counterpart Michael Kingi against disrespecting ODM principles by campaigning for Ruto of Jubilee party. 

“Let them be warned that they will suffer the same consequences that await Jumwa. ODM made them who they are, and if they think they are men enough let them resign and seek votes under Jubilee party,” he added. 

Zawadi Charo said that Aisha Jumwa’s actions were demeaning Malindi and Kilifi women making them to be looked down upon by their peers from other regions. 

“I am a woman and it is sad that people from outside this region have resorted to calling us prostitutes just because our MP disrespectfully said that her hips were for Ruto not knowing that the world was watching,” she said adding that children are making fan of it.