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5 things that happen when Kalenjin fathers are at home

Kipchirchir Rop
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Growing up, there was a certain kind of deference, which was quite alluring, accorded to fathers. 

The Kalenjin people are quite patriarchal in nature, where fathers are kind of kings ruling their mini-kingdoms. 

As a result, there was a way they were treated, and still are today, that makes fathers a little special; 

1. They have their own food 

As a child, I was fascinated by the care our mother put in preparing our fathers food. She cooked his ugali separately and his tea was a little thicker and had more sugar than ours. 

2. They have their own utensils 

In every family, there are utensils that are reserved for guests. Likewise, there were utensils reserved for fathers. They belonged to him alone. 

3. They have their own chair 

Like the president or a king, a father had his own chair. Nobody sat on it. It belonged to him alone and his presence would be felt through it when he was not around.

4. They  controlled the entertainment 

The radio and the television belonged to him when he is around. He decides which station or channel you listened to. 

5. They insisted on cleanliness 

Not that you were dirty, but you always scrubbed yourself a little harder to be in his favour when he around.

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