Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has once again reminded Kenyans of the disadvantages of betting.

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Kabogo has on several occasions expressed his dislike for betting and gambling in the country. However, this time around, the former county boss chose to share the plight of a young boy.

In the Facebook post shared by Kabogo on Monday, the kid can be seen holding a placard with a special message to one of the betting companies in Kenya.

The child is now appealing to the betting firm to send his mum Sh200 for lunch after the father lost Sh13,200 in a bet.

In the message, the boy claims that they slept hungry because his father lost his entire salary.

"When I saw this I felt terrible. I’ve tried to tell people to stop betting and that it’s a sort of scam that enriches a few and makes very many people poor," read Kabogo's post in part.

Kabogo went ahead to explain how most of these companies are making Kenyans poor, arguing that they reward a few gamblers with a small fraction of what they collect from Kenyans.

"They collect say Sh20 from 1 million people, that is 20m and the give out 2m. Who’s fooling who. 🛑 STOP BETTING!! Kwa ufupi betting ni ka Harambee lakini hi ni yakuchangia wadosi (in short, betting is like a harambee but the contributions go to the rich)," he said.