President Uhuru Kenyatta now says that Kenyans should prepare for major governance changes.

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Speaking on Friday, he said that Kenyans to prepare for constitutional changes that will bring to force an all-inclusive government, apparently referring to the said looming referendum.

He said that henceforth, all Kenyans will fee part and parcel of the government, unlike now when others feel like they are outside.

"We will have a new Kenya which is all-inclusive. No community will again feel excluded from the national leadership of this country,” he said was quoted by the Standard.

Uhuru also pledged his commitment to wiping out tribalism and negative politicking in the country before the completion of his tenure in 2022.

Speaking during the burial of Mama Dorca Nyongo, mother to Governor Anyang Nyong'o, Uhuru said that he is eager to see a better Kenya and a united nation before leaving power.

He noted that he wants a prosperous and peaceful Kenya and a republic that doesn't know ethnic boundaries, hence his collaboration with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

“We have resolved that there is no turning back from national unity, reconciliation and forgiveness,” Uhuru was quoted by the Standard.

Uhuru urged Kenyans to form national parties and not those with tribal outlooks, further stressing on the need for political calm and a halt to the propagation of retrogressive politics.

The referendum was also endorsed by Raila who insisted that Kenyans are really long in for the changes which he has been claiming formed the basis of their March 2018 truce agreements.

He has also been proposing am expanded government and a return to the parliamentary governance system.