A survey by IPSOS has revealed types of businesses preferred by many Kenyans who are self-employed.

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The study indicated that 45 per cent of Kenyans are self-employed with12 per cent unemployed.

It emerged that majority of Kenyans in self-employment went into agriculture, marketing or opened up foodstuff kiosks and general goods shops.

About 7 per cent are in the private sector business owners.

Other self-employment ventures cited by respondents include livestock marketing, transport (owner/driver), electrical/mechanical repairs or sales, boutique and hairdressing.

Elsewhere, unemployed Kenyans also took part in some income generating activities with 33 per cent revealing that they earn through asking for handouts, undertaking manual labour or gambling

The survey classified 12 of Kenyans as peasants and 4 per cent as students.

The private sector employees account for 11 per cent, with NGOs absorbing one per cent.

Additionally, about 59 per cent of respondents believed that the country is headed in the wrong direction.