Cardinal Otunga high school principal Chrispanus Owino has sent a special message to Kisii governor James Ongwae to help save the situation in his school since dust is disturbing his students' health.

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While being interviewed by a local station, Owino asked the governor and the concerned agencies to make sure the situation is settled since it has become a big challenge to the learners especially Form 2B stream which is bordering the road.

He also said those who are allergic to dust (both teachers) and students are getting a hard time going on with learning activities.

"The most affected class is form 2B since it is close to the road. This is from the report I received from the doctor. I want to appeal to the Governor, ministry of environment and NEMA agencies to look at the situation in Mosocho so that learning is not affected,” Owino said.

The dust issue has been a challenge where blame games have emerged from the parties involved. 

The area MP Richard Onyonka Momaima called it bad governance from governor Ongwae while the governor saying Momaima is politicizing the whole this due to his selfish political ambitions. 

Ongwae also condemned Momaima for fueling youths to riot and close down the road.