There was drama at the Africa Inland Church (AIC) in Mwingi town when rowdy residents disrupted a press conference organized by Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua.

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The angry residents stopped the press briefing chanting anti-Wambua slogans.

They accused Wambua of teaming up with Kitui Members of County Assembly (MCAs) to frustrate Governor Charity Ngilu's administration.

It took the police's intervention to calm down the residents.

The Sunday incident forced the senator to flee for his life.

Wambua had attended a church service that Ngilu was also attending.

He was expected to brief journalists on alleged graft at the Kitui government.

"We must talk about this issues and tell Kitui people the truth of what is happening," Wambua told the congregation.

Kitui MCAs are embroiled in a tussle with Ngilu.

The county legislators have declined to approve a supplementary budget.

The MCAs want a break down from the county executive on how previous budgets were utilised.

On Sunday, Ngilu accused the MCAs of politically frustrating her.

She claimed that the MCAs declined to approve the supplementary budget after she stopped their push for luxury retreats.

Ngilu said she is ready to have the county dissolved and fresh election conducted than yield to MCAs' selfish demands.

Several leaders among them former Kitui Senator David Musila want the MCAs to soften and approve the budget for the sake of suffering residents.