While we enjoy taking alcohol for fun or to kill stress, this behaviour could lead to serious diseases in our bodies. Alcoholism is never a pleasing term despite the 'sweet' feeling drunkards brag of after consuming several bottles of alcohol. 

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The kinds of health hazards alcohol poses on our bodies are way much heavier than the benefits which turns out to be none. Here are 2 chronic conditions associated with heavy drinking:

1. High blood pressure

According to WebMD, too much or prolonged intake of alcohol can cause a severe health condition in the body called High Blood Pressure (HBP). This is usually associated with the constriction or the deposition of foreign layers on the walls of blood vessels. 

Alcohol disrupts the sympathetic nervous system which is associated with the contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels. This results in high blood pressure which can, in turn, cause heart and kidney complications and even stroke. 

2. Anaemia

Too much alcohol in the blood leads to an iron deficiency in the body, WebMD declares. Lack of enough iron in the body lowers blood levels besides killing oxygen-carrying red blood cells causing anaemia. This anaemic condition has symptoms such fatigue, short breath and lightheadedness.

Such health conditions make up the major reasons why one is advised to kick out alcoholism by relevant bodies in the country such as the National Authority for the campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA).