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3 ways to play hard-to-get that will actually work

Adonijah Nziwa
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There is this man who has swept you off your feet but you don’t want him to know. 

He has been asking to take you out but you are not sure. 

You can play hard to get in order to know whether he is really into you as well.

 Many women are too quick to fall for wrong men. 

Playing hard-to-get can enable know how to deal with him. 

Here are 3 ways to play hard to get that will actually work.

1. Give the person yo crush for the attention he needs but not what he has been looking for.

Do not ignore him. 

Show him that you are attracted but can still live without him. 

Give him reasons to work extra hard to win your attention. 

Do not make it easy for him even if you feel so much attracted to him. 

2. Put in little effort and let him do the rest

Show that you are trying but leave the rest for him. 

You can drop hints that you want to be taken for a date but again say no to him. 

He will not have sleep if he realizes things are almost working in his favour.

3. Do not allow him to make love to you too early

 Some men walk away after sleeping with you. 

Take some time before letting him get intimate with you. 

Show him that you value yourself even if you want it. 

He will put in extra effort just to win you in the long run. 

Deny him space but give him attention: Listen to him but not give him space. 

He will be on the run until he proves his worth. 

Men want women’s attention and that is enough to get him into your life.


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