Vocal lawyer and renowned author Dr Miguna Miguna has shared the dedication page of his latest book "Treason: The Case against Tyrants & Renegades".

The book has been dedicated to a number of people who died in 2017 after the disputed presidential polls in Kenya.

The late Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Manager Chris Msando, who disappeared a few days before the election, and later found dead is among the people Miguna has dedicated the book to.

Others include; Lazaro Ochieng', Michael Ochieng', Joseph Ochieng' and Isiah Ogutu Odhiambo, have also been celebrated in the book. According to Miguna, the four were shot dead by police for protesting the election results.

The late six-month-old baby Samatha Pendo, seven-year-old Geoffrey Mutinda, and nine-year-old Stephanie Moraa were also celebrated in the book.

Apart from the above named Kenyans, Miguna also dedicated the book to international personality Jamal Khashoggi who died mysteriously late last year.

In the dedication, the vocal lawyer termed Khashoggi as "a fearless freedom fighter and writer, who was lured, captured, tortured, killed and dismembered by Saudi Arabia's brutal tyrant, Mohammed Bin Salman," the text read in part.

Here is the book dedication page:

A copy of  "Treason: The Case against Tyrants & Renegades" dedication page. [Source/Twitter/Miguna Miguna]