Another Al-Shabaab attack has been repulsed by Somali forces Saturday morning. 

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The unsuccessful attack is reported to have targeted a military base in Sanguni just a few kilometers from the Kenyan border.

The assailants were repulsed before they could hit the Sanguni military base where bulletproof metals among other improvised explosives were recovered.

"Somali forces repulsed an Al-Shabaab attack on Sanguni military base, casualties reported. Troops seized an improvised armoured vehicle filled w explosives intended to blow up Sanguni bridge. Bulletproof metals wrapped in the vehicle are to deflect bullets until it hits a target," Haru posted in his verified Twitter page.

The failed attack comes barely a week after a Nairobi attack that the Al-Shabaab militants have since claimed responsibility. 

The Dusit attack left at least 21 people dead including a General Service Unit (GSU) officer involved in the rescue mission.