It is often said a good student is one who seeks to learn from other people's mistakes, so as to save him/herself the agony of having to undergo the same and learn it the hard way.

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In the wake of popular Kikuyu singer Sammy Irungu leaked phone conversation debacle, it is only wise and advisable that other big artistes try and draw lessons from Irungu's fiasco, lest they too in their own individual capacities, find themselves boiling in the same steaming pot tomorrow.

So,what are some of the lessons that celebrities can draw from Irungu's 'scandalous' outbursts that are sure to weigh down, and tarnish his reputation that was otherwise widely untarnished before the incident?

1. Hire a manager

When you attain a celebrity status, it is always advisable that you hire a manager to run and handle your brand, that happens to be you.

A manager minimizes your direct involvement with the general public, clients, fan base to mention but a few, thus cushioning your brand from being soiled during your interactions with them.

If Irungu had a manager and had allowed him/her to do his job, then he wouldn't have been in the mess he is currently wallowing in.

2. Go for some Public Relations lessons

When you are a public figure that is highly dependent on reputation, how you interact and engage with the public is of utmost importance. 

PR knowledge enables you to identify your various audiences, and how to engage with each appropriately. 

A celebrity with remote PR knowledge is very vulnerable to his surroundings as Irungu's saga clearly exhibits.

3. Always be economical with words

Whoever framed the saying that 'silence is the best weapon' was definitely right.

When you opt to go verbose, you end up saying more than what is necessary and give your potential detractors a fat chance to read your mind. 

They will then use your very own words to make a case against you.