A section of Kenyans on social media went hammer and tongs on celebrity mother Lilian Muli after he broke up with her baby daddy, Jared Ombongi on Christmas Eve.

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Through social media, Muli smashed her ex-lover calling him a narcissist and a community husband who was only interested in her as a trophy.

She said that she would ‘rather die’ than be in a polygamist husband.“I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys . . . Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real,” Muli wrote on her interweb.

Muli, insinuating that Ombongi is a philanderer, said she cannot be with a player.

“When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands,” she said.

The remarks did not go down well with some netizens as they went to the sassy anchor’s skeleton in the closet.

They splashed her photos with other men she is accused of having dated.

“Lilian Muli, you are also a ‘community woman’,” Marc Bill captioned photos of Muli in a compromising situation with a couple of men.

Karen Wairimu hit out at her for failing to keep her bedroom matters private.

"Lillian Muli, you got to keep your life private, I'm in my early 20s and there's no way I'm going to comment on my boyfriend like that even after a break-up! Especially on social media! You got to change your standards," Wairimu wrote.

Others thought Muli was paying back for ‘hurting’ her first husband Njuguna Kanene.

“Karma is a bi**h. You did the same to Kanene, ata wewe ifeel,” Naftali Imbug said.