There has been an outcry countrywide on ghost workers who have inflated the wage bill for various counties. Human resource audits indicate that there are people that can’t be traced, receiving monthly salaries and allowances across various counties. 

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Kisii County is expected to carry out personnel audit by an independent firm. I’ll not be surprised if the report reveals there are ghosts here too, minting public funds.

Like every other county, Kisii leaders too were elected and there is always pressure to reward those considered to have been significant in your election. A good way to recognize them is through employment. 

The Bible is explicit that the dead have no memory: 

Ecclesiastes 9:5 “…but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.” However, in modern dispensation, the dead are living too. They are in the payrolls of our counties and Kisii may not be an exception.

Unless this is checked, these ghost workers will dry out the limited resources of our beloved county. Our living young men and women will continue to be jobless while their ancestors are earning for work not done.

To the county administrators, its time you exorcised these ghosts. 

Call for the renown members of the clergy and let them aid in this venture if need be. And if among the clergy there are ghost workers too, they will exorcise each other. The wage bill must be sustainable. The citizens want to see value for the tax they pay.