Tinnitus commonly identified as ringing in the ears is the perception of noise, such as a ringing or beating sound, which has no external source. 

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The condition is caused by varied factors ranging from drinking too much alcohol, high salt intake to using aspirins. In some people, it normally stops shortly after sometimes without any medical treatment. But in some, it tends to prolong for many hours and that's is why you might need home remedies to beat it off.

 Here are the best home therapies that could help you fight the condition as highlighted by Carol DerSarkissian, a critical medical care specialist.

1. Ensure that you get enough sleep daily

Not having enough sleep can pose a great risk to your health. An average man should sleep for at least eight hours, science suggests.

If you don't have enough sleep, fatigue is the aftermath. Fatigue can exacerbate the condition by making the symptoms more severe. 

2. Avoid smoking

We are all aware of the dangers that come with just smoking to our lives. Smoking can worsen the condition by interfering the flow of blood to nerve cells known for controlling hearing. 

Cigarettes are stimulant which means they can worsen the tinnitus. Avoid smoking for betterment. 

3. Try out some exercises 

Performing three to four exercises a week can help you beat the condition. Exercises cause relaxation of the body and allow smooth flow of blood across the nerve cells that control hearing. Try jogging, doing pushups and running every day to help you ease the condition.