When a guy loves you, there are some things he cannot do to you, especially if they'll hurt your feelings.  

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Here is a list of things that good guys don't do to the women they love.

1. Puts destructive habits before you

A person who is addicted to something can never put their partner first. 

This is because they will always choose their addictive habits over their partners.

However, when it comes to good guys, they know that such behaviour is self-destructive, and will focus their energy on making the relationship work.

2. He pressures you to do things for him that you don't feel comfortable doing

There are guys who will always pressure their women to do things for them even without consulting them and finding out if they are comfortable doing them or not. 

However, good men will never pressure their women into doing something they aren’t comfortable doing. This is because they respect their women as well as their choices and opinions.

3. Ignoring or neglecting you

Some men have a tendency of ignoring and not caring about their women. 

However, a good man will never ignore you and will always strive to give you the care and attention that you deserve. A good guy will always invest in the relationship and will work towards making you happy.