Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama has rubbished Makueni, Machakos and Kitui governors Kivutha Kibwana, Alfred Mutua and Charity Ngilu's 2022 presidential bid terming them a pipe dream.

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Speaking at an interview at Musyi Fm on Thursday morning Muthama said that Kalonzo is the only viable candidate from Ukambani to vie for the presidency.

He noted that even if the three governors combine efforts they would not beat Kalonzo at all.

"Even if Kibwana, Mutua and Ngilu are combined they cannot beat Kalonzo. They cannot even gather 200 people outside Ukambani. Who bewitched the Kambas, Kalonzo has been the leader for long is it now that they are losing faith in him!? " said Muthama rooting for Kamba unity. 

He noted that the country needs a selfless leader who will not look after his own selfish interest.

"We don't want a leader who will finish his terms with a fleet of vehicles and properties that he has acquired in leadership. We want a selfless leader out to change the country for the better," said Muthama.

He reiterated that he has not seen any reason to support the much-hyped referendum.

"There is no need to support a referendum that will benefit individuals and not the whole country. It's only meant to create positions for a few people who want to ascend to power through the backdoor "said Muthama. 

He said that the building bridges initiative is incompetent to conduct referendum reforms for Kenyans.