Seven people were on Monday arrested as the ongoing fight against fuel adulteration which is being conducted by the Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority (EPRA) gains momentum.

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During the raid, 6,500 litres of petroleum products were discovered in an illegal location along Lunga Lunga road in Industrial Area.

According to ERPA Director General Pavel Oimeke, there are 'greedy business individuals who are busy making easy money by mixing petroleum products producing an unknown product'.

The director said that it was through the help of Kenya Power that the authority has been able to arrest the culprits.

“This site was exposed by Kenya Power team which was checking for illegal power connections in the area before they came across this den where unscrupulous business people have been mixing petroleum products to make a product that is not even known to us,” noted Mr Oimeke.

Oimeke noted that the suspects were held at Industrial Area and Muthaiga police stations pending arraignment in court.

He added that the authority seeks to ensure such illegal businesses involving petroleum products are closed down to enhance human security. He urged the public to disclose any information that will lead to the arrest of such business persons.

“As an authority, we are shocked by this. We need the information to be able to close these illegal dens as they are a danger to human lives in case of an explosion and even to vehicles that use that as fuel,” said Mr Oimeke.

He assured the public that they will work together with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the police to ensure that all individuals arrested in connection to fuel adulteration are charged before a court of law.

“It is not going to be business as usual for these unscrupulous business people, who want to make money through illegal activities,” he added.