A story is told of Luanda Magere, a famed Luo legendary warrior who led his people to many successful battles against the neighbouring Nandi community.

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It is alleged that the body of Luanda Magere was made of stone, and could not be pierced by the enemies' arrows and spears, making him a good war leader during battles.

However, he would later be killed on the battle ground after his youngest wife, who was offered to him by the Nandi as a token of truce, and peace revealed his secret to her people.

The woman managed to find out that Luanda had his powers in his shadow, and would die or be injured only if it was pierced during battle.

Upon realizing this, the enemies lured his community, the Luo of Kano, Sindho clan in Kisumu County, to a battle enabling them to pierce his shadow and kill him.

He is said to have turned into a big stone which remains visible, and heavily revered by Luos from near and far, and which lies at the Luanda Magere historical site along River Nyando in Muhoroni constituency, Kisumu county.

The rock which is partially buried inside the soil is said to be his head, and lies at the exact place where he was speared to death.

The place, it is said, contains good tidings, but is at the same time a no go zone for specific groups of people, especially pregnant women.

It is said that should they step at the site, a woman would miscarry.