A member of parliament allied to Deputy President William Ruto now asks Kenyans never to take politics very serious, adding that the current scenario is an indication that politician never hate each other.

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South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro, in reference to the pact between retired President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga in 2008, said there is need for youths to reevaluate their approach.

"With the recent happenings in the country's political atmosphere,any SANE Kenyan should learn NOT to take politics TOO SERIOUS and so much part of his/her life.

"In 2002,Baba said 'Kibaki Tosha',he was given BIG NAMES across the country.When he showed interest for the top seat in 2007,he immediately became a 'DEVIL' in some quarters.People killed each other in his defence and that of H.E Kibaki.As guys were busy insulting each other,baba and Kibaki came live on TV with a 'handshake'," Osoro wrote.

And in reference to Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta unexpected cooperation last year, the youthful MP who is in charge of DP Ruto's Gusii campaign team, said it's evidence to all Kenyans to stop obsession with radicalization in politics.

"Came to the streets in masses and as we were sure of 'taking' over even after boycotting the 26th elections,the very guys that made us hate each other,came live on TV and started calling each other 'BROTHERS'..So why were you fighting your brother/sister/neighbour?

"Here we are again,being directed to HATE on each other over what we presumably assume will happen in 2022,3yrs far away from the real game.Ever heard that a day in politics is like 10yrs??now get it,dont you think you will have your face smeared with a rotten egg AGAIN when(which is possible) the current bitter rivals merge with new 'brotherhood' status??..Chanuka bwana,wachana na wanasiasa..jijenge.Hii karata sio ya feelings.No emotional attachments.NI GAME," he said.