A break up is undoubtedly a peculiar ordeal to go through at any point of one’s love life. It leaves a void in the heart that cannot wither away easily.

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In most cases, women find it absolutely difficult to handle breakups and end up being frustrated since the memories hardly vanish from their mind throughout their lifetime.

I got interested in this continuous pandemonium associated with romantic breakups especially how women are the most emotionally hurt.

A number of women in Uasin Gishu county have decided that enough is enough and they can no longer withstand the emotional pain, discomfort and stress associated with breakups.

Here are strategies some of them are using to counter breakups;

Posting cute photos on social media

After a break-up, most women spend much time on social media posting cute photos. The overwhelming comments their photos get especially from men gives them comfort and a sigh of relief so as to forget about the break up easily.

Hanging around with men friends

They prefer spending most of their free time with their men friends and share their love ordeals with them so as to feel comforted.

Watching inspirational love movies

“Women will mostly stay glued to their screens watching romantic movies so as to feel comforted and get tips on how to handle their break up issues,” said Pauline Nafula, a teacher in Eldoret.

Cutting off communication with their ex-lovers

“Since we do not want memories of the people who broke our hearts to stay in our mind, we blacklist their phone numbers and block any kind of communication so as to stay psychologically safe,” noted Nafula.

Drinking and hiking

Most of them will be seen on drinking sprees and posh places having good times with their friends. Such hiking occasions are a sure treat to the stress we get from breakups,” said Barbra Mayabi, a business lady in Eldoret.