This week, the world commemorated the cancer awareness day that is meant to educate people on how to avoid, battle and defeat cancer.

Cancer is among the deadliest diseases in the world credited with ending the lives of millions of people every year.

A lot of people have provided opinions on how to fight cancer and create more awareness but the situation has only gotten dire.

According to psychologist Gladys Chania, cancer awareness should not only be about talking but also educating people on preventive measures they can use to remain free of the disease.

She opined that as a country, Kenyans should embark on a national cancer campaign, adding that the government should put in place measures that will help as many people go for cancer check-ups regularly.

"As we get into cancer awareness day, week and month let cancer talk not to be just mere talk when commemorating the disease month. We need serious national campaign on preventive lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol, diets and exercise to go a long way with fighting cancers. 

"These should be accompanied with regular check-ups to enable early diagnosis. All the same, tests should be made affordable by even reducing taxes on imported CT scan machine that deals with cancers. Universal Health Care should zero rates all cancers management," she told hivisasa in an exclusive interview.

According to the Kenyan Network of Cancer Organization, cancer is the 3rd highest cause of deaths in Kenya [7% of deaths per year], after infectious diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Data from the organization indicates that an estimated 39,000 new cases of cancer are reported each year in Kenya with more than 27,000 deaths per year.

The data also indicates that 60% of Kenyans affected by cancer are younger than 70 years old, with the leading cancers being; breast and cervical in women, and prostate and oesophagal for men.

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