A middle aged man in Nyamokenye 1 village,  Mokwerero location, Sameta in Kisii County was on Sunday arrested for allegedly growing bhang.

Confirming the arrest, area chief Charles Nyantabiga said members of the public reported that the suspect Vincent Nyambane Omari has been growing bhang in his farm for over the last two years. 

"I was with my assistant chief Ruth Arasa during a crackdown on illicit brew when members of the public informed us that there was bhang grown at Nyambane''s farm. Upon reaching at the farm we indeed found bhang grown," he said.

He said the suspect tried to run away but community policing officials nabbed him few meters away. 

"We uprooted the bhang and surrendered the suspect to Itumbe police station for court processing. The bhang we uprooted will be used as exhibit," he noted. 

The chief said selling of bhang and illicit brews must come to an end in the area. 

"Several youths have been rendered useless because of illicit brew consumption and bhang smoking. I wish to confirm that the war on illicit businesses will come to end soon for the sake of bettering the lives of youths," he added.