Since the former Jubilee party vice-chairman David Murathe made claims that Central Kenya has no political debt to DP Ruto,  many central politicians have taken that chance to reignited their dying political careers. 

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Central Kenya politicians have come out to strongly support the president, strongly support DP Ruto or both in an attempt to be the next mt Kenya political kingpin.

Here is a look at these politicians.

 1. David Murathe 

The former jubilee party vice chairperson is arguably the one who has caused all this,  he is now the talk of the town. 

What a way to make your name be in the lips of many people!

 He claims that his aim is to ensure DP Ruto never becomes the president, but on a close look, he clearly has other hidden agendas.

2. Martha Karua,

The former presidential candidate had gone into political oblivion. 

She could only be heard a few times in her court battles with Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru. Recently, she came out to offer her support to the president at a time wrangles emerged in Jubilee. 

3. Peter Kenneth, 

He has actually never been heard the whole of last year at any major political function.  Recently he was among mt Kenya politicians who were backing Uhuru. Is he still eying the Presidency?

4. Kimani Ngunjiri, 

The Bahati MP has used the current situation to be vocal. He spoke about the Uhuru "washenzi " remarks,  using it to be in the headlines. 

He is using the strategy of attacking the president to hit headlines. Will he remain relevant?

 5. Catherine Waruguru, 

The Laikipia women representative has been very vocal recently. She is the only one who has so far warned people from mt Kenya about being betrayers. She asked the leaders to ensure their one-night-stand politics comes to an end.

She has been vocal in her support for DP Ruto. 

6.Ann Waiguru, 

Waiguru was the first governor to come out and condemn Murathe's remarks. 

She even asked for an emergency Jubilee delegates meeting to decide on the future of the party.

 A section claim that Waiguru is positioning herself to be DP Ruto's running mate in 2022.