For Irene Mayaka, the staunch ODM supporter who ran successful 'Daughters of Raila' campaigns in 2017, it's been a long wait for natural justice despite winning three court cases.

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At the eve of Valentine, Appeals Court Judges ruled that they had no jurisdiction listening to and determining a matter that had been appealed and ruled by the High Court, a move that gave her outright victory in the case to be admitted to Nyamira Assembly.

Despite the ruling, her competitor Damaris Mouni, continues to enjoy privileges in the assembly even after the Magistrate and High Courts ruled that she was not validly nominated by ODM party. 

"We are going to court to establish why speaker Moffat Teya is not implementing court order to swear me in. The courts have pronounced themselves but we shall go back again. Justice must prevail.

"I don't know why the speaker continues to drag the matter but we can meet in court. The orders issued by my competitor are fake and should be ignored," Ms Mayaka said in an interview.

The ODM party accused Moini of sneaking her name erroneously at at the expense of Mayaka, who was the top nominee on gender and since 2017, the matter has dragged in court.

When Ms Mayaka first won in Magistrate courts, she was sworn in only to be thrown out when Mouni obtained an order from High Court.

At the High Court, the case still went to Mayaka's way with the Appeals Court pronouncing itself on the matter a fortnight ago.