Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa's stance that she will not apologise to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party as party leader Raila Odinga had suggested sparked an online debate.

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On Tuesday while consoling fire victims in Kibera Odinga said he was ready to pardon Aisha Jumwa if she was willing to emulate her colleague Suleiman Dori by apologising to the party.

“Kila mtoto akiomba msahamaha anasamehewa. Juzi kwa chama yetu Dori alilia situlimsamehea. Ata Aisha tulisema akikuja tuketi chini naalie tutaangalia maneno yake. Sisi kama wanachungwa tuko pamoja," said Raila.

However, Jumwa dismissed her party leader. While addressing the press at Parliament buildings on Tuesday, the vocal MP said she was not going to apologise to anyone and that she would not say anything from what she had told the party earlier. 

“I have heard Raila Odinga saying that if I appear before the party they will forgive me… I want to tell him that what I told them before the National Executive Council that remains my position. Let them go back to the records."

Aisha defying apology request from her party leader elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with some supporting her stand while others saying she wad taking the wrong turn.

Here are some of the reactions: