A family in Nyangubo village in the outskirts of Migori town is mourning the death of their one-year-old son who succumbed to bee stings.

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The boy was in the company of his two siblings when a swarm of bees attacked as they played in their compound on Monday evening.

According to Vera Awuor, the child's mother, the young boy succumbed to bee stings on the wee hours of the morning after developing breathing problems. 

Vera who operates as a vegetable vendor says she received a phone call while at the market and was informed to rush to the hospital where the caller said there was an emergency.

She rushed to Migori Level 5 hospital where the boy had been taken and found out that his three children had been severely stung by bees and the younger one had swellings all over his body.

"He had swellings all over his body and then developed difficulties in breathing. He passed on at 3 AM in the morning," she said amidst sobs.

She said her two children who survived the attack are still writhing in pain from the swellings all over their body.

Area Assistant Chief Charles Ouma said the bees were from a beehive that had detached from a neighbouring farm.

Ouma warned beekeepers against hanging beehives closer to residential homes to avoid calamities.