A woman on Wednesday surprised residents of Bonyamonda village after a woman confessed that her husband is not the real father of her children.

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This happened after the woman identified as Elizabeth Moraa was caught red-handed on the act with a bodaboda rider forcing the husband to seek help from area chief to help them solve their marital differences.

This was carried out at the chief's camp by the two families involved in the dispute - the bodaboda man and Moraa's husband family.

Moraa shocked the residents by her confession saying that among the five children she has, her husband is not the real father. However, she did not mention who the father was.

"To say the truth, none of my five children belongs to my husband. I have been having affairs with different men in order to pay back what he has been doing. My husband has another wife he has inherited after the husband of the woman died several years ago. I resorted to pay back by having different affairs," Moraa boldly said.

"He has not known this because he is entangled with the other widow he takes care of forgetting about his real family. I'll be glad if we divorced," she added.

This amazed the elders who were listening to the case. However, her husband denied that he has been in another relationship and asked Moraa to go to the fathers of her kids.

Area Assistant Chief Thomson Kibagendi calmed the torrid moment as the man and the bodaboda man almost engaged in a fist fight in the presence of the elders. The chief ordered the woman to go back to her parents as the elders decide on what to do. 

"I wish to ask Elizabeth Moraa to go to her parents home as we see what to do next. Meanwhile, we are looking for a day to have the two families together, to try and restore peace," noted the chief.

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