Kisii County Governor James Ongwae has vowed to revive pyrethrum farming in the county because Kisii region was once Kenya's top pyrethrum producer.

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The county boss while speaking on Thursday when he met with the new US envoy to Kenya Ambassador Kyle McCarter at the US embassy in Nairobi regretted that pyrethrum farming in the region is dead. 

Ongwae assured that he is making efforts to revive the pyrethrum farming again. 

"Pyrethrum farming is an economic activity capable of putting food on the table for the people of Kisii. I will ensure the dead pyrethrum sector in the country is revived before I exit office in 2022," said the county boss. 

He argued that his administration is enhancing relationship with development partners as a strategy to implement the county's CIDP plans.

"As a county we are going to mobilize resources to get our pyrethrum farmers back to work. Ambassador Kyle promised to get potential investors to help us unlock our potential in pyrethrum farming in Kisii region and enjoy the ready market in the United States," he added.