Due to the availability of social media people have now turned to long distance relationships as the only option of sustaining their relationships. 

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Even though the involved parties could be working far from one another, a good number of long distance relationships don’t survive for long. 

Here are some of the common reasons as to why most of the long distance relationships keep failing:

1. Meeting new people

While far away from your significant other, you will end up meeting new people in your life. 

Out of the people that you meet, the chances of meeting someone interesting is always high, and that might result in you giving them a chance since they are still present. 

Unlike your long distant partner, since he or she cannot be there whenever you need them that might result in you abandoning them.

2. Communication difficulties

Couples in a long distance relationship always try to keep in touch through social media. 

However, when couples keep talking about the same thing every single day, the conversation will turn out to be boring, and as a result, the rate of communication between the couple will end up dropping day by day keeping them emotionally distant with each other.

3. Loneliness

Loneliness is another reason as to why couples in such a relationship never stay long enough. When a partner feels lonely, he or she will end up finding a solution with another person around.