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4 types of pickpockets found in Nairobi

Faith Mekilavo
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With all the glamour showered on Nairobi, the dreaded act of pickpocketing still dots the city in a big way.

Many people in the city have fallen prey to pickpockets who you could never suspect. In fact, they are so good in this that they do it on a full-time basis. 

One thing you need to know is that the pickpockets are of several types as listed below:

1. The distractors

They are mainly found in crowds. In the city, one can never miss a number of people gathered together to listen to a preacher or any form of entertainer. 

It is in such places that pickpockets will always hang around to take away your valuables.

2. Sex workers

Women are also in the pickpocketing business. However, they mostly target men in bars or joints that are inhabited by 'twilight girls'. 

Once a man gets drunk and passes out, they use the opportunity to easily take his valuables. In some situations, sex workers even do it while 'taking care' of their customers' needs.

3. Those with a 'bizarre' personality

These type of pickpockets are really interesting. An individual usually approaches a person and poses as a magician or 'witch doctor' who knows the other party's problems. 

Once they properly establish trust with their subject and he/she gets in the loop of the game, 'miraculously' their belongings disappear and it's only after the pickpockets leave that one comes back to their senses and realises his/her valuables are gone.

4. The cool type

Such pickpockets appear as well dressed people who seem to also be in a rush or waiting for a matatu just like any ordinary individual. 

Their decent clothes make it impossible for them to be doubted. Others also sit next to a person on a bus or van and they always alight as soon as they fleece you.

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-Faith Mekilavo

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