Sleeping without a pillow is said to be of great importance to your body. The benefits that come with it are unimaginable. 

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As much as you hate sleeping without a pillow, be in the know that it is also important and associated with some health benefits. 

Just to mention few, here are the key benefits of sleeping without a pillow as quoted on and

1. Prevent acne and wrinkles

It is said that sleeping without a pillow can prevent the development of acne and wrinkles. 

Pillows harbour some dirt and bacteria, and when they come into contact with your face, they can actually cause a toll by spurring the formation of wrinkles or acne breakout.

2. Prevents back pain

Many people have been experiencing back pains after waking up from sleep. 

Well, this condition is caused by sleeping with a pillow. 

Some might not be convinced, but bear in mind that you can assuage or prevent back pain by sleeping without a pillow. 

The pillow usually makes the spine weaker hence causing unrest. 

3. Prevents head syndrome in babies

The flat head syndrome is a health concern that every mother should know. 

Babies who often sleep on soft pillows are at a greater risk of being affected. 

Let your baby sleep without a pillow.