The Kisumu Bishop who was recently convicted of defilement has appealed his 75-year jail term handed by the Kisumu High Court last month.

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Reverend Joseph Agutu on Tuesday filed an appeal at the higher appellate court, seeking to have it reconsider an initial judgement by Kisumu Resident Magistrate Pauline Mbulika.

He cited 7 reasons as to why he is not contented with the ruling, among them an allegation that Justice Mbulika failed to observe that the case was not properly investigated.

The convict is also arguing that the judgement was too heavy as compared to the crimes he is alleged to have committed after the court found him guilty of defiling three girls, reports the Standard.

The latter who was running an orphanage in Kisumu was found to have defiled the minors who were under his care after hoodwinking their guardians that he would sponsor their education.

The offences were committed between April and July 2016, with one of the girls in question being 14 and the other aged 15 and also infected one of them with HIV.

However, this is not the first time he is appealing such a case after he successfully managed to escape a 20 year jail term in 2013.