Most people do not really understand their characters. Some are stubborn yet they claim it is due to their strong personality and confidence which is not always the case. Stubbornness can lead to arrogance thus driving your friends away as well as ruining your reputation.

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Here are signs you are way too stubborn.

1. You argue about everything

Stubborn people tend to argue about everything that comes their way, regardless of whether it is worth it or not. You never accept when you make a mistake and tend to blame it on those near you rather than taking responsibility.

2. You never accept change

Stubborn people always cling to their past beliefs and do not like transformations. They take new opportunities as threats and try as much as they can to avoid them. You brand people who try to convince you to change oppressors.

3. You always stick to what you want

You are stubborn if you realise that you always stick to what you want. You never compromise and instead give up when you don't get what you want. This can lead to disappointments especially when your plans in life fail to materialise as you had expected.

4. You are quite manipulative

Stubborn people use any means they can to make others do what they want. You never give people around you a chance to do what they wish because everything has to be done your way. This can sometimes be viewed as bullying.