There is need for unity across all communities in Kenya. However, pushing for ethnic diversity has been marred by challenges emanating from negative stereotypes we peddle against communities.

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There is an ill created image about each community in Kenya, which has been passed from one generation to another over years. 

The Kalenjin community has also received a fair share of the barbaric diatribes which really hurt our national heritage.

Here are the most annoying archaic stereotypes peddled against the Kalenjins;

They are awkward and haggard

Despite the numerous efforts by the Kalenjins to demystify this outdated belief, it has never seized. Kalenjins are believed to hold on to their traditional values and customs and do not want to explore the modern culture. They are said to be dressing shaggily and uniformly, despite not being true. There are many Kalenjins who explore fashions and dress smartly.

Can neither speak good English or Kiswahili

These stereotype has been orchestrated towards the Kalenjin community over the years despite their education. Most people say Kalenjins cannot speak queens English language or contemporary urban Kiswahili. It is said that Kalenjins date each other in colleges so as to pepper in their mother tongue. Most literate Kalenjins can speak both Kiswahili and English fluently as we have seen some working in media houses as news anchors.

They are chauvinist

It is stereotyped that Kalenjin men dominate their women and treat them like kids. Fortunately, it is not true as we have seen Kalenjin men treating their wives with love and romance. There have been little complaints by women married to these great people from the Rift valley.

These stereotypes bring hatred and anger amongst communities. It is up to each one of us to demystify these cultural outdated stereotypes and encourage positive cultural heritage.

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