A story is told of how founding Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was left by his first wife Mary Odhiambo Odinga for half a year in 1943.

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It happened that Jaramogi who would later join the team that fought for the nation's freedom from the British was so excited about the birth of his first born son Oburu Oginga.

Consequently, he became very strict about Mary was to treat the boy, and even furnished her with a schedule under which she was to breastfeed the boy. 

“I gave her a timetable by which she was to suckle, wash and care for the child," Oginga says in his book 'Not Yet Uhuru'.

This happened in Oginga's home in Sakwa Bondo, Siaya, and within the next few months, Oginga resorted to mistreating his wife as he sought to have his orders followed to the latter.

This soon led to a spat that saw Oginga knock his wife down and she responded by fleeing to her father's home in Alego area in today's Alego Usonga constituency.

It was not after six months that Oginga managed to woo his wife to return to their matrimonial home before the birth of opposition leader Raila Odinga in January 1945.

Mary died in 1984, 10 years ahead of the opposition figure.

And even though Oginga really treasured him and considered him a breakthrough, Oburu has gone ahead to prove his father wrong courtesy of his political failures.

He was already swimming in political waters as a councillor in Kisumu in 1974, while Raila was still dealing with books at the university.

Oburu, also a former Bondo lawmaker, has been unable to realise Oginga's dreams and seems to have completely lost his political footing as Raila continues to dominate the political arena.