Alexandria Cancer Centre situated in Eldoret has distanced itself from allegations that they informed one family of their patient's imminent death in a week's time.  

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The hospital told Hivisasa, that the family fabricated the story to tarnish the facility despite rescuing their patient, Jane Masibo, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

According to earlier claims, Beatrice Juma Masibo, Jane's mother, said they received the sad news on Sunday night.

Beatrice had further stated that the hospital demanded for Sh550,000 and they paid Sh300,000 but Jane was still detained over the outstanding bill in spite of depositing a title deed and a car logbook to act as goodwill.

According to Angie Chesire, the hospital's public relations manager,  the patient was discharged on Monday and the family took her to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital(MTRH). 

She is reportedly admitted at Nyayo ward, MTRH.

"The patient was very sick, she couldn't talk or even eat on her own went she was brought. As per now, she can eat and tell how she is feeling. Mary Masibo could always cause disturbance to nurses since we admitted her sister here," said Chesire.

Chesire further stated that the family would at times go to the hospital in large numbers, of about 10 people, to care of the patient which is not safe for them and the patient.

This, added Chesire,  prompted the intervention of the hospital's security team which angered the patient's sister, Mary Masibo.

"The patient has no serious wound aside from normal bed sore. She was brought with a wound which we have managed to treat," said Chesire.

According to Dr Melly Elias, Alexandria Cancer Centre CEO, the family behaved rudely which made them uncomfortable to treat Jane. 

"No one will ever discharge a patient at night. The family seemed bitter for their own reasons. The information they provided to the media were untrue. Our facility is always ready to professionally treat the patients we receive," Dr Elias said in a rejoinder.

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