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Most men fear dating Kamba women because they think it's costly.

This is just a notion that people have towards Kamba women which is not true.

One of the reasons for this misconception is due to how beautiful most Kamba women are, but that doesn’t define who they really are.

There are no 'sweet' and 'cheap' women to date like Kamba women.

Here are some of the reasons why dating a Kamba woman is not expensive:

1. Care much about relationships than money

When you happen to date a Kamba woman, you will notice that she cares less about money.

Most Kamba women prioritize how sweet and happy they are in a particular relationship.

As long as they are kept happy in a relationship, that is all with them.

2. Don’t demand much

Unlike slay queens, Kamba women are different since most of them don’t demand much when taken out.

They understand that one has to work hard in order to get money, hence the spending should be limited.

3. Love to be simple

If you try to date a Kamba woman, then you’ll know that these women like to be simple.

Their lifestyle is what makes them not expensive to date.