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Why Uhuru is against Ruto's 2022 bid

Tim Nyabande
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A file photo of William Ruto. [Source/DPPS]

Apart from those in denial, everybody else knows William Ruto is not President Uhuru Kenyatta’s preferred 2022 successor.

In 2022, Uhuru will either keep quiet wishing the gods work against his deputy or come out publicly and decampaign him.

The often referred to succession plan within Jubilee is as useless as the political rhetoric every politician gives during campaigns to please voters.

Nobody honours such and that is why one man said political promises are like shit; it spills all the way to the sewage!

If Uhuru has not kept many of the Jubilee promises he gave to even children like the laptop project, what makes Ruto think that the same man can honour their deal?

In seduction, a good seducer must promise the girl many things to win her. After winning her, she has no choice but to see the man’s true side.

That is exactly what Kenyatta is feeding his deputy. The seduction is over, the honeymoon is long gone!

Uhuru, is generally not a bad boy per say to just hurt his ‘girl’. But the son of old Jomo has two things to protect; 1) His family interests and, 2) His war on corruption.

Uhuru, the son of a political family that has ‘colonised’ Kenyans and accumulated much of Kenya’s wealth will obviously not trust the son of a peasant to come into power and safeguard those interests.

Politics is about personal interests. They override everything else. As such, Uhuru is more at peace with the son of his godfather Mzee Daniel Moi.

On corruption, as everyone knows, Ruto cannot be trusted to fight graft. Ruto has failed to fight the tag of ‘most corrupt’ and it seems he has accepted it.

As such, it is difficult to tell if he is corrupt or certain quarters have succeeded in painting him as the corruption god. Whichever way you look at it, it has denied him the moral pedestal to face graft head on.

As such, Uhuru deeply feels leaving the country at the hands of Ruto is like auctioning it.

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-Tim Nyabande

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