Coca-Cola is known to be one of the sweetest beverages but most people don't know that it actually has other uses.

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Here are other uses of the common beverage you didn't know about; 

1. Gum remover

People chew bubble gum in daily, sometimes as a mother or father you child could chew a gum and place it on your hair. With coca cola soda, Just pour some on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes, then remove it. Coca-cola makes it softer and easy to remove. 

2. Toilet cleaner 

Are running out if toilet cleaners? Worry less when you have got some Coca-Cola in your fridge. Just pour the drink in the commode and wait for an hour before you scrub with a hard brush. A clean sweet toilet is all find. 

3. Stains remover

Stains make bright colours dull, have u tried some of the common stain removers but no results? Coca-Cola could be your saviour. Put the stained cloth into a basin and add some amount of cola soda then rinse off. 

4. Window Cleaner

This is another domestic use of Coca-Cola. It has citric acid that makes a wonderful window cleaner just like other citrus window cleaners work. Coca-Cola gives clean bright window panes.