Nakuru-born photographer who has been putting the town on the global map with amazing shots of its beautiful places has won an award.

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Ben Omwaka’s photos about Nakuru have been trending online as NaxVegans celebrate their town’s breathtaking photos.

Omwaka emerged the winner in a photography contest organized by the Changing Transport Organization.

The contest was to capture public perception of the state of mobility in Kenya.

The photo competition was held in August 2018. 

“On 18th October the jury awarded the grand prize winner, 26-year-old Benard Omwaka, a freelance journalist, based in Nakuru town, Kenya. He won in the urban public transport category and the rural transport category taking home a total of KES 60,000,” the organization said.

Here is one of Omwaka’s photos that captured the beauty of Nakuru town.