You don't have to be perfect every time you communicate with your friends. However, you should pay close attention to the words you use, how you communicate messages and how you associate with the rest when talking. 

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It is worth noting that the annoying speaking habits you exhibit will completely distract the message you want to pass out.

 Some of these habits are;

1. Interrupting

You could be used to cutting into other people's conversations every time you see them sharing out. This is quite annoying and portrays you as a disrespectful person. It is important to remain calm and listen then later share out your point.

2. Poor delivery

People who give out the information they are not sure of or have done little or no research ends up boring those listening. This shows lack of efforts and makes the conversation annoying

3. Talking too much

Offering a lot of information makes a speech boring and annoying as well as bringing in unnecessary conversations. This might make some people move out. It is recommended you speak out what you should and avoid stories out of topic.

4. Mumbling

Failing to articulate your vowels and consonants to an extent they are heard well will keep people telling you to repeat and this will be annoying to those with you and some will opt to do other things rather than listening to you.