Four suspected court probation officers are nursing wounds at Nyamira County Referral Hospital after falling into the hands of angry villagers as their mission came into an abrupt end.

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Trouble began when the four people arrived at Omosasa village in Bogichora ward to the home of Evans Ayana, a teacher who was reportedly killed by three government drivers after a domestic quarrel to persuade the family to sign unknown papers to have the three detainees freed.

And having failed to produce their job cards, family members alerted villagers who immediately turned up before frogmarching the four on grounds that they were sabotaging justice.

"My mother asked them to identify themselves but they refused. They wanted her to sign some document to have three suspected murderers released. She alerted villagers who came in time and gave them a beating.

"Our village was peaceful only that these people took them for fools. A court case cannot be resolved in someone's home. We cannot allow people to obtract Justice. The deceased just get his justice," said Nicholas Ayana, a brother to the deceased.

With the four under siege for several hours on Monday, the irate villagers torched a GK vehicle that was used by the four officials in their aborted mission. The vehicle was completely burnt.

Three suspected murderers are still locked in Nyamira Police Station awaiting trial following direct links to the death of Mr Evans Ayana. The secondary school teacher was buried on Friday in a sombre ceremony.

Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba said the case was still under Investigations but condemned the decision by the locals to burn the government vehicle.

"This is an active case. Those four officials could have been reported instead of burning the vehicle. We are still investigating the matter and we shall later inform the public," he said.