There is nothing as bad as being in a relationship with a materialistic woman. Dating such women is a nightmare because they only love you for what you have and when you lack then it's over.

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These are the 5 major signs of a materialistic woman;

1. She's only good for you when she wants something

When she wants something she is so sweet and charming. She can do anything to get it. 

She starts to care much about you just when she needs a favour. After that, she is back to who she really is. 

2. She will always want something

There is no time when she doesn't need anything. A materialistic woman is ever in need. 

When she realises you got some money, all she wants is expensive stuff. 

3. She is self-centred

Instead of caring about the two of you, she only cares about herself. 

For your money, she doesn't care about where you get them from and how you toil to get it.

4. She never gives anything, she only wants

She can never spend on you. All she knows is how to chop the little that you have. Her money is hers alone. 

5. She causes fights when you don't give her what she wants

If it happens that you lack money to buy her whatever she wants, she brings up fights and she might even threaten to leave. 

She gets angry whenever you fail to meet her needs. She will kill you so early and so you just have to let her go despite the love you feel for her; she isn't worth it.