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Khalwale: Billions are being lost under Jubilee

Dominic Keino
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Photo: Dr.Boni Khalwale speaking at a past event [Source/Facebook/Hon Boni Khalwale]

Former Kakamega senator Dr.Boni Khalwale has regretted the loss of oversight and accountability muscle by members of parliament allied to the opposition on corruption issues.

The former Senator was speaking during an interview with NTV on Tuesday, on the misuse of public funds.

Dr.Khalwale has stated that the loss of public funds in Kenya has even become more rampant in the Jubilee government compared to past regimes.

"During the time of Moi, when some of us were up in arms against him as students, the money that used to get lost was in tens of thousands. But today it is Sh21 billion for an empty thicket, another Sh15 billion for Galana Kulalu project. It is billions and billions of money getting lost under Jubilee government," noted Khalwale.

He further added that; "in Kenya, it looks like a loss of funds is a way of life."

Khalwale has hit out at the Parliament for failure to be sincere in demanding accountability for funds allocated to government projects.

"Unfortunately, the accountability system in parliament has collapsed. This is because the opposition has become more of government than the government itself," an upset Khalwale said.

He further expressed regrets over the once admired opposition members of parliament lacking the audacity to criticise the government of the day by saying.

"The other day when I looked at Mbadi, Otiende Amolo and Junet in parliament, I felt like I should not be watching the proceedings anymore," he regretted.

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