Mandera Governor Ali Roba has pleaded with residents to give information that will help police rescue two Cuban doctors who were abducted by suspected Al-Shabaab militants on Friday.

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Speaking in Mandera Town on Saturday when flagging off relief food, Governor Roba said that the doctors must be rescued from the abductors.

He said that residents could be having information on the people who abducted the two doctors.

The Mandera Governor also cautioned residents against harbouring terror agents and their sympathisers and claimed that terrorism is a big enemy and anyone engaging or supporting its activities must be smoked out.

"I am calling on residents to work with the police and give details that could help in the ongoing rescue operation for the two abducted doctors abducted.

We have suffered so much and we are no longer going to suffer because of terror threats," he said.

Governor Roba at the same time sent a stern warning to Al-Shabaab militants, saying their days are coming to a close and urged the national government to deploy more elite police to hunt down terror agents and their sympathisers.

The rescue operation for the two Cuban doctors is going in Mandera and Somalia border.

The abduction of the two doctors has caused fear in Mandera even as police assure locals that their security is guaranteed.

Mandera is among North Eastern counties that has often been hit with deadly terror attacks perpetrated by Al-Shabaab militants.