It has again come to the limelight that the famous gospel artist from Tanzania Rose Muhando is facing difficulties in her life.

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A video has emerged online showing Muhando in Pastor James Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism church, Nairobi. 

In the video, Ng'ang'a starts with how he had to convince Muhando to come to his service after seeing her situation. 

She looks sick and in need of help, financially and spiritually.

"Rose nilikwambia ukuje, kuja hapa, kwa nini wanavunja vunja wewe mikono? Oh no. How? It cannot be that way," starts off Nga'nga before proceeding to deliverance prayers that left Muhando scowling and shouting on the ground.

A prayer session that lasted for at least five minutes revealed that Muhando is fighting with enemies who want her to remain poor and not to sing again.

In 'spirits' she said that her manager and other unnamed people are after her singing career.

"Ni meneja wake ndio alituma sisi, alitutuma tukachukua gari lake, na tumemtoa nyumbani miezi mitatu asirudi nyumbani tena, (her manager sent us and we took her car, we forced her from home)," said Muhando under the influence of 'the holy ghost'.

She later gained conscience before revealing other problems she has been facing since. 

She narrated the sad story while in tears and bitterness.

Here is the video that was updated today at 10 am.