There was drama on Monday evening at Chisera village in Nyatieko, Kitutu Chache South Constituency after a man and his wife were beaten up for stealing from their neighbour's banana farm.

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The couple, Samuel Oginga and Elmelda Nyabonyi, were found cooking the bananas which they had stolen from their neighbour's farm.

Confirming the incident, area chief Lawrence Omari said that Oginga and his wife have on several occasions been accused of stealing from people's farm. 

"The couple has been giving residents trouble as they have been stealing from their farms. The neighbour found bananas missing from her farm and alerted locals who launched a search operation. Upon arriving at the couple's home, they found banana peels and after thorough questioning, the couple admitted that they had stolen the bananas," said Omari.

The chief said angry locals roughed up the suspects before they frogmarched them to his office. 

"The couple were brought to my office after receiving a thorough beating. After consulting with locals we agreed that the couple will cultivate the neighbour's banana farm and warned them against stealing," he stated. 

In his defence, Mr Oginga said he stole the bananas because of hunger but promised not to commit the crime again.