The densely populated Gusii region for the first time was subjected to national debate after ODM leader Raila Odinga raised concerns about scarcity in farming land.

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At Kisii School on Wednesday, Mr Odinga also joked that the people from the region 'are fertile and they work hard at night', referring to high population in the region. 

 In his speech, Mr Odinga, who accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto to launch various projects, raised fears that area residents could fight due to scarcity in land.

"Gusii region is very fertile. You're blessed with rainfalls and it's very plenty. You are also fertile and you work very hard at night," he said in reference to high birthrate.

He added: "With that, we are even having conflicts on land management. People are fighting over piece of land. We must now adopt best international practices like in South Korea. We must find a way of sharing this land as a community."

Currently, the population at both Kisii and Nyamira Counties is estimated to be 2.5 million with the voting number currently standing at 800,000 in both counties.

At a funeral in Nyagancha this month in Nyamira County, Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri maintained that the region is able to produce the country's top leader should they register in big numbers.

"When census comes, go and register in numbers. You must also do the same in voter registration. We have numbers and we can use them well in future," he said.

The two counties have 13 parliamentary regions and have produced two presidential candidates; George Anyona in 1992 and Simion Nyachae who finished third in 2002.